My services

Welcome to StomaNurseServices. As a mobile ETRN, I can provide Stoma Nurse Services in the comfort of your home.  These services include:

Stoma Services:

- Marking site of stoma before surgery has taken place

- Pre- and post-op education

- Management of peristomal skin complications and issues with appliances

- Education

Clients with acute/chronic wounds

- Assess existing wounds - Doppler assessment

- Provide education to clients, families, and health care providers on prevention and treatment of wounds, including product selection, make necessary referrals and specialized treatment - sharp debridement

When wounds are not healable - wound & odor management and prevention of infection and further deterioration

Incontinence issues

- Assess for type of incontinence

- Establish a plan of care

- Make appropriate referrals

- Health teaching to clients, families and other health care providers